Web launch TEDxParamaribo.com, Suriname

Jonathan and minister Ashwin Adhin shake handsWith a single click, as a smile crossed his face, minister Ashwin Adhin launched the TEDxParamaribo website this morning in the conference room at Marriot. “I think that TedxParamaribo.com is the beginning of a long and inspiring journey for us as Surinamese people, but also serves to inspire the rest of the world. As the minister of education I look forward to the influence and viral effects of our own talks in Suriname, and also worldwide. I therefore wish the TEDxParamaribo team a tremendous amount of success with this initiative. In the name of my ministry I congratulate them with this wonderful website, and I will certainly recommend it within my ministry, being fully convinced that it will give a positive impulse to our education system.”

At the beginning of the launch TEDxParamaribo organizer Jennifer van Braam shared the vision behind TED of “ideas worth spreading”. TED gives everyone with an innovative or inspiring story a stage. At TED events talks with innovative ideas are recorded and spread through special TEDx websites. Suriname now has an own licensed TEDxParamaribo website, where Surinamese speakers and topics relevant for our country can be watched online.

Demis John a multi-faceted entrepreneur, HBO professor of management, but publicly known as the presenter of the channel ATV television show Panorama gave a short run down of how two years go he first found out about the inspiring talks of TED.  “Now I want to use every idle moment online to get inspired by TED talks, ” said an exited Demis. “Through TED I have learned so much about the use of for example body language and poverty reduction in Africa and world-wide”.

web launch TEDxParamaribo 2The company InfoTrade sponsored the TedxParamaribo website, using photographs that were supplied free of charge by the Surinamese professional photographer / TEDx fan Karel Donk. InfoTrade is specialized in Google Analytics and Adwords. Manager Jonathan Wong Swie San presented a short walkthrough of the new TedxParamaribo website. The first TEDxParamaribo event will be held on Friday October 18th in the Colonial Resort. The speakers include Eddie Jharap (founder State Oil Company), John Goedschalk (Conservation International), Demis John (Entrepreneur), and Sean Dilrosun (Birdwatcher).

To conclude, minister Adhin encouraged the Surinamese public to be open to new and innovative ideas in the areas of technology, education and design. Adhin cited education guru Jim Rohn: “Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea”.

Demis John TEDxParamaribo web LaunchTEDxParamaribo organizer van Braam: “Our team is expectantly looking forward to the first TEDx event in Suriname. De involvement of the minister is a powerful encouragement for us to commit ourselves 100% for TEDxParamaribo. Suriname has enough stories.

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